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Mike Nefkens Talks Digital Transformation, CSC Spin-Merger

Mike Nefkens Talks Digital Transformation, CSC Spin-Merger

When Two Become One: The Merger Movement

The flurry of factors driving a spike in enterprise M&A activity.

The Path Toward Digital Transformation


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What the DNC Hack Teaches Enterprises

Three tips for keeping your enterprise security system up to par.

Flipping Financial Services: The Power of Blockchain

Cut time and costs while reducing fraud and counterfeiting threats.

No Moore: What’s After Moore’s Law?

This transistor density law is stalling; how do we respond?

Here and There: Benefits of Location-Based Tech

Location-based technologies have moved from strategic consideration to impactful tool.

Links in the Chain: Analytics and Supply Chain Intelligence

Get greater visibility into the supply chain and actionable insights.

The Analytics Imperative for Banks

Where to start and make it pay off for your business

How Analytics Is Enabling Connected Cars

Information to and from connected cars will create opportunities to innovate,...

Disappearing Ink: Why Our Digital Records Could Vanish

We could be on the cusp of a digital dark age...

Make the Shift

Healthcare organizations are moving to performance-driven solutions.

Wear and Win: Health Wearables in the Workplace

Wearables will soon change how we work and how employers deploy...

Data in the Court: Analytics and the Legal Industry

Analytics may be changing the way the legal profession operates.

Built for Change: Why Innovation Requires Preparation

Enterprises with successful innovation have five characteristics in common.

Industrial Revolution 2.0: Is Your Enterprise Keeping Pace?

The digital future is pivoting from user interfaces to user experiences....

Bug Zapper: Fighting Zika With Technology

Technology and Big Data are helping track the virus.