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The Future of Enterprise Services

Eric Harmon talks about how meeting the needs of an ever-changing marketplace will unlock untapped potential.

Go for Boring: For Business Success, Make IT a Snoozer

Boring IT lets you focus on exciting business ideas.

6 Unexpected Examples of Big Data’s Big Reach

These use cases might surprise you.


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Perception vs. Reality

There's a big misconception about the efficiency and use of self-service...

App-ropriate Design: Best Practices for Mobile Success

Three app development tips for any mobile strategy.

What’s Your Type? Types of IoT Data

In the world of IoT, there are three types of data that track and react in a variety of contexts to offer agility and predictive response. Click here to download the PDF.

Ready for Action: Moving Beyond Data Noise

How do you unlock actionable insights and value from IoT?

3 Industries Primed for Digital Disruption

Some industries are a little late to the digital party.

Bigger Than the Internet: The Next Game Changer

IoT will have a greater impact on the enterprise than even the internet itself.

On the Move: New Mobility Services in the Auto Industry

It's coming: embedded smart wallets, contextualized connected cars, and more. ...

Humans + Machines: Preparing for an Automated Future

Career planning should consider the rise of automation.

The Consumerization of IT Support: A Simple Framework to Optimize UX

How can you shift the story and deliver a great IT UX to your...

Open Dialogue: A CMO’s Role in the Security Conversation

Honesty is still the best policy during a data breach.

What’s the Story? 2 Tips on Using Big Data to Innovate

Analytics can be used to identify innovations and quickly deploy them....

Watermelons and Workplace Support

Is your workplace support experience like a watermelon?

Market Pugilism: Product vs. Platform

In the fast-paced digital environment, having a great product no longer...

Podcast: The Decisions Connected Vehicles Are Making for You

Jim Miller discusses the ways in which connected cars are positioned to make our lives safer and more convenient during travel.

What Decisions Is Your Connected Car Making for You?

And how will that technology play in the enterprise?

Fail Often: Overcoming the Fear of Defeat

Finding innovation through trial and error.

Short Circuit: The Vulnerable Security of Machine Learning

The rapid development of artificial intelligence could be leaving the enterprise—and...