• April 5, 2016

Advanced Compromise Assessment From HPE and Mandiant




You’re under attack. Knowing your risk and addressing it, is vital.

Understanding the risk of a cyberattack on your business, personal, financial, and proprietary data is essential. The cyber-threat landscape is rapidly evolving, and the sophistication of attacks has increased—worryingly, the sources of attacks are now from highly motivated, well-funded adversaries often supported by crime syndicates and nation states. This new generation of cyberattacks is highly targeted and seeks to remain undetected to perform cyber-sabotage activities or acquire intellectual property, financial data, and confidential or sensitive personal information over an extended period of time.

Proactively uncover advanced attacks and detect breaches Advanced Compromise Assessment from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Mandiant, a FireEye Company. Read our Offering Overview.