• November 9, 2015

A New Day for Enterprise Forward

Accelerate. Innovate. Transform. In a world full of disruption, the only constant is change—and the path to your organization’s transformed future state is paved with possibilities.

To help you realize the opportunities, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has evolved into a new company that defines transformation and defies business as usual. And to reflect that change, we’ve given Enterprise Forward a new look and feel.

Here, you can expect to find bold, visionary thought leadership that illuminates the path ahead in the New Style of Business. That solves business challenges today and predicts solutions for tomorrow. That propels strategy for surviving and thriving in this idea economy.

It’s a new day for the enterprise—and an exciting time for Enterprise Forward.

For more information on the evolution of Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Check out the article, “How to Separate a Fortune 50 Company in 391 Days.”