• December 17, 2015

Accelerate Business Growth – HPE Advisory Services Identify and Focus on Key Business Outcomes

In business, the customer has always been king. However, proliferation of social media, digital, and mobile devices now puts the consumer in complete control of the relationship.

Consumers demand instant, anywhere access to a range of products and services. They can gather information and insight from a few close friends or the population at large—even from your competitors. And they are likely to do it before asking you. They can also easily tell the whole world what they think of your products and services—good or bad—in an instant.

Organizations need to listen, understand, act, and engage. Nothing short of a personalized and immediate response is effective.

The expectation of instant connection to information—anytime, anywhere—is driving a shift to the New Style of IT. This new style is business-led, with IT supporting organizational goals. It’s efficient, open, flexible, scalable, and collaborative. Going forward, it will predominantly be made up of as-a-Service and consumption-based models for speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness.

It’s a world where cloud, security, Big Data, and mobility all converge in comprehensive solutions to better connect with customers, citizens, communities, partners, and suppliers.

That’s why CIOs must now think less about machines and more about how technology is delivered and consumed, and how it helps solve issues. It’s also about how users engage with technology rather than the technology itself. So CIOs will need to connect millions of devices securely through the cloud via new applications.

Consumers, citizens, and employees will continue to demand increased flexibility in the services and devices they use. Organizations will have to figure out how to extract better value from the increasing volumes of data they gather. And all systems will need to be secured in an environment that’s protected from ever-increasing cyber threats.

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we believe four business drivers will impact your organization:

  • Customer experience/citizen engagement—Understanding customers’ needs and desires and using technology to better connect with them
  • Employee empowerment—Empowering and retaining your talented workforce with technology options that enable productivity and flexibility
  • Mergers and acquisitions—Generating enterprise growth and value faster than can be accomplished through organic expansion alone
  • IT-enabled business models—Using technology to transform the way business and government works

Align your business outcomes with the enabling solutions, services, and technologies that empower success with HPE Advisory Services.

Review the details

HPE Advisory Services provides a variety of executive sessions, workshops, and assessments to help you navigate this complex process. These “discovery sessions” can be high-level and strategic or technical and industry-specific—depending on the desired outcomes. Participation often includes representatives from different business units, IT, strategy, operations, and finance.

Every situation is different, so we tailor the outcomes and deliverables to your organization—from consulting sessions or workshops.

One thing does remain consistent: Hewlett Packard Enterprise brings a proven approach and industry insights to its discovery workshops, uncovering the value potential for your business and exploring the building blocks that need to be established for you to succeed.

Why use HPE Advisory Services?

  • Experts in reducing complexity
  • Focus on business relationships
  • Proven in business transformations around the globe
  • Flexible and knowledgeable, adapting to unique business situations
  • Results-oriented, targeting business goals and ROI
  • Single source, end-to-end consulting, capabilities, and solutions:
    • IT strategy planning
    • Enterprise architecture
    • IT governance
    • Organizational change management
    • Application modernization
    • Executable roadmaps

Get advice from HPE Advisory Services in the following key areas:

  • New Style of IT — Consider the benefits of the New Style of IT and what it requires, and develop a transformation strategy and roadmap using an integrated approach with a governance framework.
  • Applications modernization and cloud —Review and strategize to modernize your applications, heighten innovation, and build agility to drive business goals.
  • Mobility — Realize the full potential of enterprise mobility across multiple technologies for reliable access to your information and applications anytime, anywhere.
  • Analytics — Assess the value potential of your organization embarking on its own Big Data journey, while determining the smartest investments.
  • Security — Gain confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing your environment is secure, proactive, and resilient.

Understand HPE Application Advisory Services

Business Consulting Services

Get front-end consulting to support growth and achieve your vision.

Enterprise and Solution Architecture Services

Assess your current architecture, define the required-state, and develop roadmaps.

Business Analysis Services

Analyze organization and systems, and integration with technology to achieve your goals.

Business Program Management

Manage projects to improve performance and communication across your business.

Organizational Change Management

Address the people, process, business, and technology changes involved in a transformation by assessing and developing change strategies across your organization.

Business Value Management

Assess current practices used to evaluate, create, and manage new innovative propositions to improve business performance.

Enterprise Security Consulting

Disrupt the adversary, manage risk, and extend your security capabilities to better protect your enterprise with HPE Security.

CIO Agenda Workshop

The HPE CIO Agenda Workshop, a part of our Advisory Services, assists your organization in formulating its vision of how IT will drive new business solutions. A team of seasoned Hewlett Packard Enterprise experts guide you, your CIO, and business counterparts through a series of lively, interactive sessions that drive valuable insights into better business/IT alignment through the following analyses:

  • Driving factors — Understand how mega and industry trends affect your business and competitive corporate strategies.
  • Peer analysis — Learn how your business and IT environment stack up with your peers and industry leaders by reviewing key business and IT metrics versus industry competitors.
  • Key priorities — Identify key priorities for your business and required technology capabilities and IT solutions.
  • Shared IT vision — Based on the defined priorities, explore what your IT should look like in two years.
  • Value of success — If your vision is achieved, discuss the impact of how your business will benefit in terms of growing revenue, cutting costs, and increasing cash flow.

After completing the workshop, your Hewlett Packard Enterprise team will document key insights uncovered during the workshop and provide you with an executive summary—based around your business priorities and vision, to share with your own team.

Key takeaways include:

  • Detailed feedback compared to industry peers and leaders
  • Clarity on how IT can play a bigger leadership role in the business
  • Two-page executive summary of your technology vision
  • One-page executive summary of the business value of achieving your technology vision

Work with the best

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is uniquely positioned to advise your organization for success by identifying and mapping out the journey to the New Style of IT, then transforming with confidence and a clear line of sight between milestones and business outcomes.

This is done by applying operational excellence through our management capability, all while leveraging our end-to-end portfolio of products, services, industry solutions, partners, and our global presence.

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