• April 27, 2016

Anatomy of an Attack




In a recent survey only 6 percent are prepared for a breach, so it’s not a surprise organizations are vulnerable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In a series of articles, videos and supporting graphics experts discuss and articulate how to get ahead of the cyber criminals to protect your organization.

FireEye White PaperRead: Our survey and executive summary produced by MIT Technology Review Custom in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security Services and FireEye Inc. entitled Cybersecurity Challenges,Risks, Trends, and Impacts:Survey Executive Summary.
HPEF-FightBack-hackerRead: Cyberattacks are a fact of life across the world, as intruders breach more and more organizations each day. Why are we so vulnerable? And what can we do to make our systems more secure? Once More Unto the Breach: What It Takes to Defeat Cyberattackers

Watch: MIT Technology Review Chief Publisher and Editor in Chief, Jason Pontin, discusses why stopping a cyber breach is such a challenge for organizations with HPE’s Andrzej Kawalec and FireEye’s Vitor Desouza.