• June 18, 2014

Enterprise Forward: The Book

We’ve all been at that defining fork in the road, debating whether to head left or right, weighing the options, stressing over the challenges, playing out strategy, and looking for support. And eventually we realize that it’s not so much which way you turn; what matters is heading in the right direction. The only direction. Forward.

If your enterprise needs inspiration for navigating the road there, we hope you’ll check out our aptly named book, Enterprise Forward. In it we suggest that now is the time to realize the power of the enterprise and unleash all the opportunities of the New Style of Business. The book includes global, forward-looking perspectives on the elastic network, the evolution of the CIO, and the future of data security—written by some of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s brightest minds.

There are also behind-the-scenes looks at HPE Fellows and innovators such as Kieran McCorry, Will Allen, Darrel Thomas, Sukhbinder “Sukhi” Gill, and Maria Solano. And you’ll find case studies on how HPE is helping enterprises and government agencies achieve results today.

Join the Enterprise Forward LinkedIn discussion group to stay connected to HPE innovators and thought leaders and to stay in the know regarding the latest IT trends and opportunities. Our group welcomes clients, CIOs, technologists, and others with a passion for driving innovation in the enterprise.

So take those first steps. They’re what moving forward is all about. Read the digital version of our book at Enterprise Forward and please share with your colleagues. Watch for the second issue to be released in June! And “meet” our HPE innovators by joining the conversation in our Enterprise Forward LinkedIn group today.

Glad to have you along for the journey.

For more information on our Enterprise Forward program, send a message to [email protected]