• June 25, 2014

Are You Prepared for Emerging Technologies?

Imagine that a well-known retailer rolls out a service for consumers to self-manufacture items from their PCs. It allows anybody to customize a wide range of products such as ceramic plates, toys, jewelry, specialized hand tools for mechanics—you name it—via 3-D printers. The retailer hits a home run with a huge spike in sales and foot traffic to its outlets where customers pick up their 3-D-print-enabled products. Seeing the success of this early adopter, everybody wants to get in on the action. However, to twist an old adage, that leap requires a lot of “looking” beforehand.

When emerging technologies like 3-D printing hit the mainstream, the impact on vertical markets may be sudden, but only those who have prepared for the breakthrough will be equipped to bolt out of the starting gate. Years of work and significant investment go into creating the supporting systems and processes prior to unveiling a revolutionary technology-enabled product or service.

And that’s where we come in. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is diving deep into emerging technologies to study and analyze how developing technology (and coming mega-trends with potential to impact multiple industries) will shape our clients’ businesses and government agencies. Enterprise Services’ Applied Innovation Team is pulling HPE experts around the globe into a focused, emerging technologies community where we’ll identify, incubate, implement, and promote technical innovations.

Seven collaborative communities of interest are organizing along these topics:

  • computer-human interaction
  • advanced collaboration
  • mega-scale computing
  • managing elastic services
  • 3-D printing
  • drones and robotics
  • artificial intelligence

In addition to tracking and sharing trends and developments, our experts will map out future use scenarios and examine business cases. Promising opportunities will be tested through virtual and real demonstrations and presented to clients. And ultimately, new services will be developed.

Emerging technologies hold lots of promise, opportunity and challenge. There’s nothing like living at the leading edge. Our goal is to enable our clients to quickly prepare for, and take advantage of, the possibilities. We’re excited about the work! And hope you’ll watch for more developments to come.