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Information Technology

The Future of Enterprise Services

Eric Harmon talks about how meeting the needs of an ever-changing marketplace will unlock untapped potential.

Go for Boring: For Business Success, Make IT a Snoozer

Boring IT lets you focus on exciting business ideas.

6 Unexpected Examples of Big Data’s Big Reach

These use cases might surprise you.


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Q&A: Driving Transformation in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

From connected cars to new partner ecosystems, industry leaders need to be more than prepared for change. They must embrace it and hold on for a wild ride.

Sleeping With the Enemy: The Very Real Threat of Unrecognized Intrusions

At the end of the day, effective cybersecurity requires the investment of time, money and strategic planning.

Highlights from Day 1: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2016 [Infographic]

So good, “Great First Day” was trending.

Bait and Switch: Are Advanced Honeypots the Future of Security?

A taste of honey: Advanced honeypots are the new weapon in...

The Speed of Value: Remove Barriers to Boost Enterprise Momentum

Barriers in the data collection and decision-making processes put enterprises at risk of lagging behind their competition.

IT Spend Slowdown Puts the Squeeze on Innovation

While IT spending slumps, the pace of business and digital change...

Big Data is Watching: Why Location-Based Services Are the Future of Customer Engagement

There's much to be learned from the location-based technologies that enabled fans to experience Super Bowl...

Playing Security Whack-A-Mole: Why Chips Won’t End Credit Card Fraud

Credit card chips are designed to thwart attacks. But thieves are...

Striking the Balance or Striking Out: Delivering Integration and Visibility

One common thread must be present in any enterprise transformation project: alignment.

Only the Strongest Survive: The Evolved Future of Financial Services

From concierge-level services to personal data clouds, banking as we know it is poised to drastically change.

Hacking People: Your Greatest Security Risks Are Inside the Enterprise

The biggest threat exists amongst the people you trust to protect your data every day.

Entering the Safety Zone: How IoT can Improve Construction Sites

The construction industry historically has been an IT laggard.

What’s App With That: 3 Ways Mobility Boosts Business

Mobile apps provide another channel for businesses across industries to capture market share.

Banking in the Idea Economy: Why Big Names Are Borrowing From FinTech Upstarts

At a time of unprecedented upheaval in the banking industry, more than $25 billion has been invested in the 4,000 or so FinTech companies responsible for most of the disruption.

Infinity and Beyond: The Still Untapped Value of IT

In the New Style of Business, IT drives business value.

Protecting the Enterprise From Disaster: Is Your Organization Prepared?

Rarely will you see a natural disaster coming. Forget the old way of disaster-recovery preparation, and consider how leveraging cloud transformation can save money and provide better peace of mind.

3 Years, 3 Things—What Financial Services Sector Executives Need to Know

New entrants and some old-line brands are transforming how customers interact...