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Forward Thinkers

Tomorrow’s solutions depend on big ideas today. That’s where Forward Thinkers come in. Our Forward Thinkers are experts in their fields, staying on top of the latest trends, developing best practices, and applying their knowledge to the daily and long-term struggles of digital transformation. Take a look at the future of the enterprise from the perspective of the brightest minds at Enterprise Services.

The Future of Enterprise Services

Eric Harmon talks about how meeting the needs of an ever-changing marketplace will unlock untapped potential.

Go for Boring: For Business Success, Make IT a Snoozer

Boring IT lets you focus on exciting business ideas.

6 Unexpected Examples of Big Data’s Big Reach

These use cases might surprise you.


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Q&A: The Digital Prognosis of Health and Life Sciences

What does the digital future look like for patients and providers?

Q&A: Driving Transformation in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

From connected cars to new partner ecosystems, industry leaders need to be more than prepared for change. They must embrace it and hold on for a wild ride.

Transformation Fast Track: 4 Functions to Target Now

Transform successfully while maintaining stability.

Flipping Financial Services: The Power of Blockchain

Cut time and costs while reducing fraud and counterfeiting threats.

Built for Change: Why Innovation Requires Preparation

Enterprises with successful innovation have five characteristics in common.

For Your Information: Getting the Intelligence You Need

Turn data into insight and insight into action.

Risky Business: Protection is the New Prevention

Protection is about understanding the business impact.

Head in the Cloud: Hybrid Is Here to Stay

The flexibility of a hybrid approach is key to competitive growth.

Sleeping With the Enemy: The Very Real Threat of Unrecognized Intrusions

At the end of the day, effective cybersecurity requires the investment of time, money and strategic planning.

Let’s Get Digital: Disrupting the Way We Do Business

Digitalization encompasses everything a business does.

Internet of Things: A Web of Risk?

Enterprises diving into IoT strategies are discovering a cybersecurity nightmare.

Who’s Thriving and Who’s Just Surviving: How Does Your Transformation Measure Up?

Regional experts tell how accurately gauging your change process can mean the difference between thriving and declining.

Let’s Talk About Flex: 4 Factors of Enterprise Adaptability

For enterprises to create and protect competitive advantages in the future, flexibility is unavoidable.

The Speed of Value: Remove Barriers to Boost Enterprise Momentum

Barriers in the data collection and decision-making processes put enterprises at risk of lagging behind their competition.

Risks You Don’t Have to Take: Secrets to a Secured Environment

Technology is giving IT leaders the ability to mitigate threats and security gaps in real time and on a micro level.

Keeping Up With the Customers: 10 Tenets for Financial Institutions

Banking customers have high expectations. Here are 10 rules financial institutions must follow for competitive success.

Striking the Balance or Striking Out: Delivering Integration and Visibility

One common thread must be present in any enterprise transformation project: alignment.

Only the Strongest Survive: The Evolved Future of Financial Services

From concierge-level services to personal data clouds, banking as we know it is poised to drastically change.

Q&A: Facing Down Fear and Driving Disruption for Enterprise Transformation

Enterprises need to welcome innovative change rather than fear it.