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The Megatrends Driving Enterprise Transformation

Today’s enterprises are in for big changes. The ubiquity of data, our reliance on the information gleaned from it, and the ability to connect to people and things at any time all form the basis of what Gartner calls the top four IT megatrends. Gartner and Enterprise Services experts explain what that means for the enterprise.

The Future of Enterprise Services

Eric Harmon talks about how meeting the needs of an ever-changing marketplace will unlock untapped potential.

Go for Boring: For Business Success, Make IT a Snoozer

Boring IT lets you focus on exciting business ideas.

6 Unexpected Examples of Big Data’s Big Reach

These use cases might surprise you.


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Risky Business: Protection is the New Prevention

Protection is about understanding the business impact.

Head in the Cloud: Hybrid Is Here to Stay

The flexibility of a hybrid approach is key to competitive growth.

Let’s Get Digital: Disrupting the Way We Do Business

Digitalization encompasses everything a business does.