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Transporting growth in the digital economy. Are you ready?

Digital transformation is being empowered by modern business process re-engineering and new application-centric cloud service models which means that the majority of organizations need to evolve IT services more quickly to keep up with digital requirements.

Are your applications ready for the always connected traveler? Are your legacy supply chain systems able to respond to new demands? Transforming applications lets you take advantage of digital trends, grow revenue, reduce time to market, support new business models, and align business and IT objectives.

Get the latest survey data to better understand how enterprise application estates are aiding digital transformation projects.

Download 451 Research’s Application-Centric Transformation for the Digital Age

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The Future of Enterprise Services

Eric Harmon talks about how meeting the needs of an ever-changing marketplace will unlock untapped potential.

Go for Boring: For Business Success, Make IT a Snoozer

Boring IT lets you focus on exciting business ideas.

6 Unexpected Examples of Big Data’s Big Reach

These use cases might surprise you.


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Moving Applications to Cloud? Increase the Likelihood of Success.

Take a self-assessment for insight into your applications-to- the-cloud readiness.

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Are your applications ready for the always connected traveler? Are your...

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Q&A: Driving Transformation in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

From connected cars to new partner ecosystems, industry leaders need to be more than prepared for change. They must embrace it and hold on for a wild ride.

Waste Not: Software Waste is Costly and Risky

Poor software asset management exposes the enterprise to vulnerabilities.