• June 1, 2014

Changing the Boundaries of What’s Possible

By Chris Moyer, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Services, Fellow, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Best times for IT |Changing the boundaries of what's possible by HP

We may well be on our way to the best of times for IT.

We’re facing change so broad that it’s labeled a new paradigm. A new style. It’s pushing the CIO and IT to a larger role—from foundation-level automation to corner office strategy and a well-earned seat at the decision-making table. Boundaries are shifting. The responsibilities are significant: IT can define and enable the future of your organization if you harness it. Or allow your competitors to take advantage of you in ways you never imagined, if you don’t.

It’s a long ways from the IT world I entered some 29 years ago. That’s 203 dog years, and how would we calculate it in technology years? Twelve lifetimes? Twenty?

Think of all the technology innovation squeezed into the last few decades. Whether you measure by Moore’s Law, your employees’ latest mobility ask, or your teenager’s newest device, it’s still all changing. The ever-accelerating speed of that change is equal parts amazing, exciting, inspiring, and maybe, at times, a little daunting. Boundaries are disappearing. New capabilities bring new opportunities and possibilities daily.

What’s required is to inform, plan, and act; move rapidly and with purpose. To up your game, stay relevant, and embrace the transformation opportunities. To understand things you’ll see on the pages that follow, like software-defined networking, kleptography and Frankenstein malware, Big Data-driven value, and governance for use-any-device. To connect these ideas to your business agenda and power your enterprise. To innovate.

Personally, innovation is a favorite part of my job. You’ll meet some of my colleagues who feel the same way. Innovation is also the heritage and strength of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. We’re proud to share our story and, more importantly, some of our clients’ successes.

We know innovation is important to you. And we hope you’ll find some inspiration as you read, along with a reminder of what’s possible, where we can go, and what we can achieve together. Let’s start by moving a few more boundaries.


Chris Moyer
Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Services
Hewlett Packard Enterprise