• April 26, 2016

Close the Talent Gap, Secure the Future


40% lack adequate in-house cyber security expertise. That’s according to a recent survey of 225 global businesses and IT leaders. The shortage of in-house cybersecurity skills is a major challenge for executives who fear their organizations are ill equipped to prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks. For that reason, many turn to external partners for security expertise.

Recognizing there is a significant capability gap in terms of people, process, and technology can be a challenge, then achieving the right combination of those resources to enable your organization to respond adequately to cyber-risk, is another. Close the Talent Gap, Secure the Future
Learn: Start recruiting and retaining the right talent Balancing supply and demand infographic

Watch: MIT Technology Review Chief Publisher and Editor in Chief Jason Pontin, HPE’s Andrzej Kawalec and FireEye’s David DeWalt discuss how organizations can achieve the talent necessary to secure their business.