• August 18, 2016

Control, Cost, Compliance: Do You Have Your Licenses?

Time to make your multivendor licensing easy

How are you addressing the primary challenges of your licenses? It’s challenging to manage the broad range of software publishers, licensing contracts, license types and acquisition options associated with complex IT environments. Licensing complexity only increases with Cloud and hybrid IT.  Costs and risks result from lack of license compliance.

Optimize your enterprise software investments: respond to the new approaches in buying and using software. Enable users to procure the software that they want through a straightforward buying experience.  Leverage proven skills and experience to optimize your complex enterprise software licensing contracts.

Get Control. Track the information on all of your software contracts, purchases, and participating affiliates on a global basis with a single source. Get control of your licensing foundation. Start the cost reduction process.

Reduce Costs. Having a global single software supplier can bring immediate savings. Significant savings begins with analyzing your software usage and spend. Trends and opportunities are quickly identified.

Achieve Compliancy. Introduce best in class procurement practices. Remain compliant in license management.

Got 2 minutes?  Watch multivendor licensing made easy.