• April 27, 2016

Crisis Communication After an Attack




Does your organization have a clear plan for the communication with stakeholders in a cybercrisis? If not, you’re far from alone. In the next MIT Technology Review series, experts explain the importance of a well-planned and practiced crisis communication plan. Don’t wait until a real breach happens, it will be too late.

FireEye White PaperRead: If there’s one area where organizations stumble when responding to breaches, it’s in keeping stakeholders informed. Doing that job well starts well before cybercriminals come calling. Crisis Communication After an Attack.
InfographicLearn: Start building your crisis communication plan infographic

Watch: MIT Technology Review Chief Publisher and Editor in Chief Jason Pontin, HPE’s Andrzej Kawalec and FireEye’s Vitor Desouza discuss the importance of crisis communication planning pre-breach.