• May 27, 2016

Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment

When’s the last time you tested your Disaster Recovery plan?

Most people define disaster recovery as the activities that must follow a significant, but also highly unlikely, event—a major earthquake, fire, or tsunami. The consequences are dramatic, but the likelihood is low.

While it’s necessary to contemplate natural or man-made disasters, their statistical unlikeliness can lull you into a false sense of security that leaves you vulnerable to less newsworthy crises. A catastrophic server failure, due to a security breach, isn’t as big of a disaster as an earthquake, but try telling that to your CEO—when service is down and you’re working on getting it restored.

Many organizations are not adequately prepared for disasters that disrupt IT operations. According to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Cyber Risk Report 2016, 86 percent of organizations lack adequate cybersecurity capabilities.

Disasters happen with little or no advanced warning. Do you know your downtime threshold? What is your disaster recovery plan? When was it last tested? Assess yourself to see how prepared you really are.

Take our Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment now—it only takes a few minutes.