• March 23, 2016

Employees Key in Protecting Data

Humans are the most important element when it comes to cyber security. The ongoing fight against cyber-attacks and breaches is fought using increasingly sophisticated information and communication technologies.  However, the greatest weapon your organization has in this fight is undoubtedly your employees.  Organization goals, culture, business models, and technologies change continually. That’s why employee awareness, knowledge, and skills need to constantly evolve as the threat landscape changes.  In order to protect your business, the goal of every security awareness campaign should be to build a healthy and engaging security culture that does not impede business acceleration.

Responsibility, trust, communication, and cooperation are the four cornerstones of an engaging security culture. Such an approach motivates employees to play an active, engaged role. Employees should know what to protect, why they should want to protect it, and how the organization will support their efforts. In order to achieve a change of security culture, a company must invest in its employees. Secure behavior cannot be conditioned through one-time contact; it requires continuous and consistent input.

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