• October 8, 2014

The Innovators—Anita Paul

As a leader in Systems Integration Services, SAP Practice, Anita Paul develops solutions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise worldwide. She is currently a key driver of HPE’s as-a-service solution for SAP HANA (high performance analytical appliance). She recently paused to answer a few questions on innovation, and where technology is taking the enterprise.

Q: What is your personal philosophy on innovation?
A: The challenge always is having really good listening skills. Pretty much everyone has innovative ideas because innovation is born out of everyday issues and challenges, and the necessity of finding new ways of doing things. If you’ve got really good listening skills, you can digest what people are telling you, figure out where the innovations are, and then bundle them together in a way that we can make norms out of particular solutions.

Q: What is it about the innovation process that inspires you?
A: You reach a point where people begin to evangelize and champion a new idea. If a solution solves some tricky stuff, it really motivates people. The challenge is you’ve got to have amazing drive, perseverance, and tenacity to get new ideas into the system. You’ve got to navigate to make all of your stakeholders happy. And I absolutely love those skills. Innovation is not for the fainthearted.

Q: How do you see innovation impacting the enterprise?
A: Innovation comes from creating an environment where organizations can discover the art of the possible. You’ve got to create a platform where they can test run and see things happening. It’s the process of creating a clear view of what is possible so that they can start building on those possibilities and see the transformative implications of generating more insightful information.

Q: What would you say is your mission at HPE?
A: My mission (along with my team) is to bundle HPE As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA in such a way that customers can get started very easily and rapidly. There’s a lot of complexity in software and hardware and all of the services you provision around them. My goal is to make those decisions so easy that customers just get started—rapid time to value.

Q: Are these the coolest, the best, and most exciting times in technology? 
A: It’s a rebirth. We had romantic times in technology 20 years ago because everything was new and shiny and bright, and people were excited about what technology would allow them to do. But then we got used to it. We got jaded.

We’re experiencing a rebirth right now because of things like in-memory computing technologies. We’re about to take another whole leap forward. The romanticism of 20 years ago is starting to return. You can see it everywhere. We now have a real opportunity to do something completely different.