• April 26, 2016

Is Your Enterprise Security Aligned with Business Priorities?

Complete a 360-degree assessment of your cyber security

Most organizations are in a reactive mode, consumed with fighting fires.

And their security operations aren’t always aligned with business priorities. To make security a business enabler, not an inhibitor, you must take a step back and examine all 360 degrees of your business security.

360-Degree Cyber Assessment

Partnering with the security experts from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), you get a full view of security across your entire organization, value chain, and third-party ecosystems. And you’ll see clearly which critical assets are tied to your business objectives, so your security investments are targeted to meet your own unique risk profile.

The 360-Degree Cyber Assessment has five main components. Based on your unique situation, we can determine which are best suited to drive your desired business outcomes.

  • Cyber Maturity Review—Defines the baseline for measuring the cyber capability and maturity across all aspects of your security program to ensure optimized security investment. From this, you’ll receive a modular roadmap from current to target, with prioritized recommendations to increase cyber maturity.
  • Risk and Compliance Review—Assesses, manages, and measures your cyber risk and compliance.
  • Security Architecture and Strategy Review—Develops an end-to-end security strategy and improvement program aligned to your business objectives and unique risk appetite. Assesses use and management of technical security controls, mapping strategic and regulatory requirements into a business-aligned enterprise security architecture.
  • Security Operations Centre Review—Measures your level of cyber maturity and designs full cyber situational awareness and defense centers, including roles and responsibilities, processes, technology, and compliance against requirements.
  • Supply Chain Security Assessment—Assess your organization’s risk, as posed by vulnerable supply chain partners and infrastructure, offering advice, guidance, and planning. Provides an overall holistic view of supply chain compliance, identifying the highest risk suppliers and noncompliance within the supply chain.

Receive advice from our deep pool of security consultants— deployed globally, to guide all aspects of your security and business resilience. Let’s work together to clearly evaluate your cyber-security capabilities.

If you’re interested in conducting a comprehensive 360-degree assessment, or you simply want to learn more about HPE Security Services, contact a representative via chat, phone or email using the ‘Contact’ button in the upper right corner of this page.