• March 5, 2015

Executive Breach Response Playbook

No matter how effective the technical response to an enterprise data breach, it’s the executive suite that drives the public’s perception in times of crisis. In fact, it is the executive team’s leadership that will help guide the entire enterprise response after the breach—which could last for days, weeks, months, and even years depending on lawsuits and regulatory response.

Although it’s never easy to respond to something as challenging as a publicly disclosed data breach, it can be done if the executive team gets the information they need in time. That is, if the technical information is accurate and comprehensive enough to make effective decisions and all of the communication channels are in place and ready. Sounds straightforward, but it’s not always. It takes executive leadership to make sure the resources and the plans are in place to execute well. And it takes considerable practice. This playbook will help get you there.

Download the Full Executive Breach Response Playbook Here