• March 4, 2015

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Networking—From SDN to the Internet of Things: Why Openness Is Crucial

By Yanick Pouffary, Distinguished Technologist and Chief Technologist, Network & Mobility Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

In my previous posts (here and here), I argued that software-defined networking (SDN) is a powerful engine of innovation. Think of it as a platform over which you can unleash far-reaching improvements in your organization’s network. It’s more than network virtualization, because it gives you control over the physical as well as the virtual network. SDN lets you program the fabric based on your business rules. That programmability, available at a fine-grained level, enables you to determine exactly how you’re traversing the network chain. But the visibility into network elements that SDN provides can only be fully achieved through open standards and a set of open APIs which anyone can program to.

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