• July 18, 2016

Future Cities: Time to Smarten Up


While big cities in developed countries have long been working on Future City initiatives, these ambitious, forward-looking plans have more recently become the focus of urban centers in developing and emerging economies. This change has been driven largely by fast-growing urbanization, and emerging technology can help address some of the critical issues that urban populations face, according to IDC.

In this paper, IDC outlines the key factors driving Future City developments in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region and highlights the technological building blocks for developing sustainable Future Cities. Learn the definition of the Future City concept, find out the key socioeconomic factors shaping Future City development, and explore the different elements of a Future City value architecture and the relevance of a digital overlay.

The paper also shines a spotlight on the Future City developments taking place across the EMEA region, with a particular focus on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Various digital transformation initiatives are being implemented by GCC governments in support of Future City developments. The paper presents IDC’s future outlook for Future Cities in the region.

IDC concludes with key guidance for city development authorities on ways to overcome some of the key challenges and discusses Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s place within the Future City ecosystem.

Review the entire IDC white paper: Future Cities: Time to Smarten Up