• March 25, 2015

Game-Changers: CIOs on Digital Transformation. A Report From the Hewlett Packard Enterprise CIO Summit 2014

IT is moving at light speed. The pace of change in IT has never been faster. And CIOs are playing a greater role than ever.

At the Hewlett Packard Enterprise CIO Summit in Barcelona, December 2014, more than 130 industry-leading CIOs from businesses and governments across EMEA and the globe gathered to discuss how they are capitalizing on the New Style of Business to enhance their customers’ experience, enable a mobile and efficient workforce, and drive new opportunities and revenue streams through IT.

CIOs today are in to driving innovation, seizing opportunities, and creating new revenue streams for their organizations. Competitive edge is becoming increasingly dependent on the innovative use of technology to differentiate the business. As a result, we must now ask what this enhanced role will look like and how we, as business leaders, can perfect it.

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