• June 28, 2016

Gartner Insights: 4 Megatrends that Drive Enterprise Transformation

A Gartner analyst explains how to effectively navigate.

While you may not know exactly how, or to what degree, you can be sure that today’s enterprises are in for big changes. More data, faster connections, multiplying sources, and higher expectations are driving disruption that will profoundly shift the way we conduct business. The ubiquity of data, our reliance on the information gleaned from it, and the ability to connect to people and things at any time all form the basis of what Gartner calls the top four IT megatrends. They are the drivers for a full-scale transformation of everything from infrastructure to governance.

In a series of short videos coming to Enterprise Forward in the coming weeks, Tom Bittman, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst for Gartner, puts a name to these game-changing catalysts: digitalization, hybrid, protection, and information. These four trends work together, overlapping in a synergistic fashion, to transform the enterprise in exciting paradigm-shifting ways.

Four for the Future

Bittman briefly explains the four trends:

  • Digitalization: This is the connection between people, things, and business, and the creation of new opportunities from these relationships/partnerships. Because of digitalization, we can work from anywhere in a multitude of ways. Everything—from mobility and Big Data to the Internet of Things and social networking—creates digitalization. As such, IT must respond to digitalization and work with the business to explore the art of the possible. “Every business will be a digital business,” Bittman says. Click to tweet this trend.
  • Hybrid: This is managing, leveraging, and delivering a portfolio of services with a variety of operational models. The key is flexibility for the enterprise, and this mix of services will become bimodal. IT must respond by delivering a mix of private, hybrid, and public cloud solutions, but above all, IT will be responsible for ensuring service delivery by accelerating time to value, reducing complexity, and securing the enterprise. Click to tweet this trend.
  • Protection: Enterprises will shift from security and control to risk management and opportunity. Security must be agile and focus on detection and response. As such, IT must move from being a defender to a facilitator. Click to tweet this trend.
  • Information: The enterprise will leverage information for real-time operations, risk management, and business decisions. Analytics must be predictive and prescriptive rather than reactive. IT must work with enterprises to better manage the explosion of information by doing things such as defining the information strategy and integrating various data sources. Click to tweet this trend.

Together, these four trends will transform business and the public sector as we know it today. Change is coming—and enterprises must be prepared (tweet this!). As Bittman explains, “Success in these trends will be primary drivers for business success in a world that is becoming much more connected in real time.”

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