• December 1, 2015

Get Your Own Cloud and Your Own Outcomes

HPE Helion Managed Private Cloud

If agility, speed, and security are the primary benefits you need to achieve, then a managed private cloud solution could be for you.

Many workloads require the security, data sovereignty, privacy, and low latency provided by a private cloud solution to overcome issues with:

  • Agility—Traditional IT systems are slow to change and repurpose.
  • Speed—Services need to be available faster, to capitalize on growth opportunities.
  • Security—Applications and processes demand higher security and visibility than is available from public cloud implementations.
  • Low performance—Traditional system utilization rates average 18 percent to 25 percent.
  • The experience gap—Internal IT staff need to balance keeping up to date on new technologies with managing day-to-day operations.

Get it done fast

Accelerate adopting a 100 percent dedicated, managed private cloud using our industry- leading technology and resources to design, build, and manage a complete, Infrastructure- as-a-Service (IaaS) solution for your enterprise applications. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Helion Managed Private Cloud is a purpose- built, preintegrated solution using market-leading hardware, software, and services providing:

  • Initial advisory, transformation, and ongoing services provide a complete open cloud solution that integrates hardware, software, and services into a dedicated enterprise- grade cloud model in a Hewlett Packard Enterprise, your own, or a third-party data center.
  • Management and infrastructure lifecycle services—remote monitoring, system administration, security, service management, cloud resource pool management, and cloud operations— improve your IT asset use, flexibility, and security.
  • Enterprise-level service-level agreements (SLA) and a web-based portal enable you to manage your consumption.

Target specific workloads

With HPE Helion Managed Private Cloud, you get standard, base, and scale-out infrastructure and service options. In addition, it has four predefined virtual server configurations for lighter workloads not requiring dedicated servers, and three predefined dedicated physical server configurations for business-critical production workloads.

These configurations offer even faster cloud services implementation and, as a managed service, benefit from automatic and seamless technology, and security updates and improvements.

These virtual and physical server solutions are targeted for typical workloads, such as:

  • Application development, file print, nonproduction, and quality assurance
  • SharePoint, unified communications, custom tools, and noncritical CRM
  • Hosted email and enterprise CRM
  • Oracle C/X, data mining and analytics, and data warehousing
  • SAP®, Oracle, Dynamics, and Sage

Standardize, adjust, optimize

Better serve your enterprise; let us administer all aspects of your highly secure, resilient, flexible, cost-effective private cloud environment.

HPE Helion Managed Private Cloud is built on HPE CloudSystem, our complete technology platform for private cloud. With its preintegrated hardware and software, you can create virtual pools of servers, storage, and networking resources on demand. Our private cloud services let you simplify applications and business processes deployment by providing IT capacity and standardization.

Select these services based on your designs and Hewlett Packard Enterprise best practices via a self-service catalog. Your managed private cloud lets you adjust instantly to dynamic business demands, enabling rapid design, provisioning, and modification of

an infrastructure environment in minutes. It then optimizes IT capacity across physical and virtual environments, helping provide a predictable quality of service and an IT governance model.

Improve speed and agility

With a managed private cloud solution, you can provision resources faster, manage services better, and do both more securely.

  • Agility—Dynamically scale your dedicated infrastructure up and down with ease
    and speed—obtaining and releasing IT computing resources on demand.
  • Efficiency and cost reduction—Reduce operational costs with increased automation and faster reallocation of IT resources.
  • Security, privacy, and compliance—Your 100 percent dedicated infrastructure is supported using ITIL practices, security for mission-critical business, and service-level objectives.
  • Innovation—Stay at the forefront of service and technology enhancements as HP develops next-generation cloud systems.

Review key characteristics

Operating system

  • Windows®
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

Physical and virtual servers and storage

  • Physical blades:
    • Small (S)—2×4 Core/24GB RAM
    • Medium (M)—2×4 Core/64GB RAM
    • Large (L)—2×4 Core/144GB RAM
    • XLarge 16 High Memory (XL)—2×8 Core/384GB RAM
  • Virtual servers:
    • XSmall (XS)—1 vCPU/2GB RAM
    • Small (S)—2 vCPU/4GB RAM
    • Medium (M)—4 vCPU/8GB RAM – Large (L)—8 vCPU/16GB RAM
    • XLarge (XL)—8 vCPU/32GB RAMServer security
  • Hardened OS builds
  • Dedicated OS instances and hypervisor
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Automated patch deployment for OS and configuration management
  • Anti-malware (Windows)
  • Security policy compliance management
  • Encrypted login credentials
  • Vulnerability scanning

Flexible storage options

HPE Helion Managed Storage offers a range of workload-optimized storage solutions for HPE Managed Cloud offerings including blockstorage—high performance/ performance/bulk and file storage.

High-performance SAN storage

  • Raid 1 for SAP and databases
  •  Raid 5 for business class applications
  • Block range 5GB to 2TB

Backup and business continuity

  • 30 day on-site with Virtual Library System for fast restore and 30-, 60-, 90-day off-site options
  • Server operating system and file system backup—30-, 60-, or 90-day retention
  • Database backup (Oracle and SQL) — 15-, 30-, 60-, or 90-day retention
  • HPE Helion Continuity Services for Disaster Recovery
  • Disaster recovery for dual data centers


  • Client portal, based on CSA 4.01, provides access to the service catalog, billing information, and HPCloud.com.
  • Authorized users—with role-based access— can add, delete, or change services.
  • Automated virtual instance resizing, customer-specific image provisioning (client managed) and restore from Snapshot.

Connectivity options

Leveraged Internet bandwidth, secured VPN tunnel, dedicated client circuits

Network options

Multiple VLANS (up to 1024), firewall rules, internal and public IP addresses

Services include:

  • Up to 99.95 percent SLA
  • Provisioning SLA for HP and client- managed servers
  • Security monitoring and patching
  • Server, storage, and network management
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise data center, power, space, and security

Review the latest features

New optional features include:

  • Automated database services
    • SQL Server 2012 & Oracle 12c support
    • Database Management Automations
  • Hyper-V
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Work with the best

With 50+ years of infrastructure technology services experience and extensive modernization expertise, we know how to manage and integrate the most complex IT environments.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the only provider who owns and develops a complete set of services, software, and hardware to manage the cloud environment. We provide hardened security already integrated and reporting capabilities to easily comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, ISE, ISAE 3402/SSAE 16, FISMA and FedRAMP (Moderate), and other regulations.