• December 3, 2015

HPE Discover 2015 London: Day 2 Highlights

December 2, 2015 marked another successful day in the books for Discover 2015 London. While day 1 showed themes of speed, partnership, and transformation, day 2 embraced one strong theme: the Internet of Things. Experts estimate that more than 6 billion “things” will be in use worldwide by this time next year, and that’s up 30 percent from what it is now. And by 2020, the number is expected to hit nearly 21 billion.

The Internet of things, or IoT, isn’t going anywhere — and Hewlett Packard Enterprise is doing something about it with new products and solutions. Learn more about day 2’s announcements here.

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HPE Discover Videos:

App transformation and DevOps working in perfect harmony
Accelerating the future
Highlights from Discover London Day 1 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Download the PDF version of this infographic here.

Discover 2015 London Day 2 High lights [INFOGRAPHIC] | HPE Enterprise Forward