• February 28, 2015

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security Services: How Do Cybercriminals Steal $60 Million in Just 60 Seconds?

By Andrzej Kawalec, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Security, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Today’s cybercriminals hold one significant competitive advantage over companies trying to protect their digital assets and national law enforcement: They co-operate.

This criminal world operates the most sophisticated and vertically integrated global network ever conceived, staying one step ahead of us no matter how many laws passed or procedures put in place. It generates more than $104 billion in illegal revenue each year and perpetrates 16 cybercrimes per second. This is a world where bank accounts and national secrets are ripped apart and sold to the highest bidder every day.

About the author: Andrzej Kawalec, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Enterprise Security, is responsible for Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Information Security strategy, solutions, portfolio, and market-facing activity. He leads a global research and innovation team, with a particular focus on cloud, consumerization, cybersecurity, and the business risks surrounding information security systems, policies, users, and processes.