• July 8, 2016

Hybrid is Your Reality. Are You Ready? – Part 2

To map a successful journey to a hybrid infrastructure, you first need good advice and a solid plan.

“65% (of I&O enterprise decision-makers) say they already use more than one public and/or private cloud platform, indicating that the hybrid cloud is a reality today.”

HPE recommends a simple, proven, three-step journey to a hybrid infrastructure: build the plan, execute the plan, and run the solution.

In Part 2 of HPE’s five-part series examining the key elements required for a successful journey to a hybrid infrastructure , we look at how to build the plan. Read Get the right advice to start your journey and watch for parts 3 & 4, which explore how to transform and manage your hybrid environment. Part 5 will provide Hybrid Transformation Journey examples.

Start asking the tough Hybrid Transformation Journey questions and demanding the right answers from a trusted business partner to ensure your success.

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