• August 24, 2016

Hybrid Transformation Journey: Part 4 – Managing hybrid

In part four of HPE’s five part Hybrid Transformation Journey series, discover the five key challenges CIOs face when managing in hybrid environments.

To survive and thrive in today’s disruptive economy, organizations must provide IT users with innovative solutions that are continuously available and updated. This requires leveraging equally innovative infrastructure management tools and methods. Hybrid infrastructures aren’t compatible with traditional, function-centric IT management models. They require a service-centric approach, enabling frequent interaction between IT services and business units with common delivery objectives. In Hybrid Transformation Journey Part 4: Managing hybrid we take a look at the challenges facing CIOs and the three key elements they need to manage in a hybrid environment.

Hybrid is a reality. Are you ready?

Read Part 4: Managing hybrid to understand the key components and benefits of managed hybrid environments.

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