• November 16, 2016

Industry’s First On Demand Platform as a Service for SAP® Applications

HPE Enterprise Services Unveils Industry’s First On Demand Platform as a Service for SAP® supporting your digital business. 

“Digital business is a reality now, expected to grow to an average of 36% of overall revenue next five years.”[1]

“Digital masters are 26% more profitable than competitors. They generate 9% more revenue, and drive more efficiency in products and processes.”[2]

With the advent of the digital enterprise, businesses need agility to respond in real-time to the demands of the business, while needing critical applications to have an “always on” capability that ensure continuous operations of the business.

Most large enterprises leverage SAP applications to run the core functions of their business, which normally are not built to be scalable or flexible and require dedicated infrastructure. However, P&L owners only want to pay for what they use across the full stack of IT, which radically reduces TCO and provides transparency on consumption patterns.

Learn more about getting to a “full stack” platform as a service for SAP environment for your digital business: Hewlett Packard Enterprise IT Infrastructure Consulting and Management Services page – go to https://www.hpe.com/us/en/services/consulting/it-infrastructure.html#accordion-accordioncontainerco-4:

Or read the latest news advisory: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/newsroom/news-archive/news-advisory/2016/11/HPE-Enterprise-Services-Unveils-Industrys-First-On-Demand-Platform-as-a-Service-for-SAP-Applications.html

[1] GARTNER:  2016 CIO Agenda: A U.S. Perspective (February 19, 2016), G00297525

[2] Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation, Harvard Business Review Book, 2014