• February 7, 2015

Innovation on Display at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Experience, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s demonstration center in Plano, Texas, is an up-close, hands-on peek behind the curtain of HPE’s industry-leading IT services and solutions. This is where you’ll experience what’s available now, and—in the center’s newest corner—what’s coming next. The Innovation Room is a walk into the near future of IT, a close-enough-to-touch view of how cloud, mobility, Big Data, and security will help enterprises take advantage of future demands.

What Happens Inside

Built with guidance from HPE Fellows, Chief Technologists, and Futurists, the multimedia space immerses you in video vignettes demonstrating HPE innovations that could be available within the next two years. You pick the focus—industry, service offering, or innovation driver such as engagement, efficiency, security, or visibility—and watch the possibilities play out on 8-foot-tall plates of touch-enabled glass.

You’ll see, for instance, how sophisticated sensors in airport terminals will soon monitor activities of passengers for behavior outside the norm and notify law enforcement when they detect something suspicious. Or how technology will allow retailers to recognize shoppers as they enter a store and send personalized alerts that create a more convenient, customized buying experience. Then there’s the technology-enhanced “smart pill” that will analyze how a patient is complying with doctors’ orders, leading to better treatment outcomes.

3-D applications, motion control sensors, and synchronized lighting in the Innovation Room bring these situations to life in a first-of-its-kind experience. If the New Style of Business isn’t inspiration enough, you’ll find more here. Some say innovation is in the eye of the beholder. But sometimes you have to see it to dream it.

If you would like to visit, please engage your HPE sales or account executive.