• January 1, 2016

Manage Your Enterprise With HPE Helion Managed Cloud Services

In today’s world, your enterprise demands increased IT agility, responsiveness, reliability, security, and efficiencies. How do you manage these while lowering costs?

Use the right cloud

Cloud solutions deliver on-demand capacity for building and testing applications, flexing to meet peak demands of enterprise applications, and deploying new applications and services rapidly. While the cloud promises lower operating costs, it can increase delivery costs or fail to meet business expectations without careful planning and design.

Gain confidence. Work with a technology leader that has the vision, portfolio, and services expertise to support your journey to the cloud; partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

Begin your journey

Getting real value from the cloud happens when applications are successfully enabled. Work with our consultants to assess your current state, advise on cloud options, and create a strategic plan for action; identifying your unique needs in a comprehensive design and transformational roadmap. As we bring the cloud into production, you can manage the environment or leverage our managed cloud services to deliver your cloud solutions.

Improve agility and efficiency

Quickly align IT capacity with changing business demands, and pay only for what you need, when you need it. Eliminate IT capital allocations by migrating fixed-cost structures to operating expenses. Minimize waste and underused IT resources via virtualization. Remove unnecessary internal support, data center space, and power and maintenance expenses.

Deliver services faster

Gain robust self-service tools to manage and access cloud services in multiple data centers and provision enterprise-class capacity in hours versus months, rapidly scaling to support peak demands and new opportunities.

Manage risk and compliance

Protect your organization from outages and data loss with secure network compartments that are “hardened” against attacks and viruses. Our solutions are designed for core business applications that require high levels of service performance, availability, continuity, responsiveness, and quality. Built within our global delivery center framework, you can strategically place workloads and data to address regulatory compliance requirements.

Perform consistently

Gain managed cloud solutions that deliver high-quality services consistently around the world by using well-defined and tested processes, extensive automation, and an enterprise-grade global infrastructure. We also apply careful governance and controls in integrating cloud services into your existing delivery environment.

Advance your cloud adoption

Embrace the cloud. And get knowledgeable assistance from Hewlett Packard Enterprise to guide you through the journey, share best practices, and help you adapt as your business evolves. It’s no longer sufficient to just have the best products or technology; you need the knowledge and skills to deal with challenges and opportunities.

The cloud offers a new level of agility, flexibility, and economics to fuel productivity and growth, unleash innovation, and remove financial barriers.

Gain from experience

Experience HPE Helion in private, virtual private, and public models to have the cloud your way:

  • Agility — Easy to deploy, manage, and support with 200-plus HPE Cloud Maps, pay-as-you-go consumption model
  • Openness — Built on enterprise-grade, OpenStack technology, supports heterogeneous environments
  • Security — Built-in multitenancy, policy-driven governance for hybrid IT, high availability, and recovery management

Review our portfolio

It’s time to build a better enterprise. Together.

Working collaboratively, you get help understanding, selecting, and implementing cloud services that meet your individual business challenges. Get the support you need to source IT services from a combination of traditional and new models to help you:

  • Transform legacy IT operational models to adapt to a service-centric, hybrid delivery model.
  • Build your own private cloud services, providing easy access to self-service resources from a secure, on-premises environment.
  • Consume public or virtual private cloud services over a network, tapping into our infrastructure for enterprise-grade security and reduced capital outlay.
  • Manage and secure the entire service portfolio—cloud and traditional services—effectively with a centralized portal performance dashboard and hardened security policy framework that protects your environment.
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise has more than 50 years of operational excellence in managing complex IT environments.
  • We manage over 370,000 servers globally in all industries and regions— across utility, cloud, and virtual— including over 140,000 virtual machines.

Infrastructure as a Service

  • HPE Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud provides infrastructure and networking services without the high cost of owning and managing your own equipment or data center. This multitenant platform is designed and built for the enterprise, so your high-end applications like SAP® and Oracle can be deployed in a secure cloud environment.
  • HPE Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud for Public Sector meets government compliance requirements. It’s FedRAMPSM authorized, secure, and pay as you use, and provides consumption-based managed services, designed for enterprise-grade workloads and high levels of availability and security.
  • HPE Helion Managed Private Cloud accelerates adoption of dedicated private clouds using Hewlett Packard Enterprise resources and HPE Helion technology to design, build, and manage a complete, shared Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution for enterprise applications, delivered from our facility or yours.
  • HPE Helion Managed Private Cloud for Public Sector meets high security and government compliance requirements. This dedicated managed environment supports mission-critical workloads and can be hosted in our, yours, or third-party data centers.
  • HPE Helion Continuity provides cost-effective Recovery as a Service for traditional IT environments and most managed cloud environments to a continuity cloud.
  • HPE Helion Managed Cloud for Resellers enables resellers to quickly and easily grow revenue by selling cloud solutions without investing significant amounts of time and capital in building out infrastructure and staffing.

Mobility and workplace applications

  • HPE Helion Unified Communications, built on our comprehensive Unified Communications Services, delivers highly available, multiplatform voice and video communication services that simplify and enrich employee interactions, improve business operations, and reduce traditional telecom services expenditure.
  • HPE Helion Mobility offers cloud-enabled mobile management, simplified user authentication, secure file sharing, and syncing and diversified application access.
  • HPE Helion Mobility for Public Sector is an enterprise mobility management solution within a FedRAMP-authorized cloud, enabling clients to securely manage access to applications and data—anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device.

Applications and software

  • HPE Helion Business Applications for Microsoft Dynamics delivers flexible CRM functionality, enabling you to enhance your customer, citizen, and other stakeholder relationships without significant capital investment or the burden of procuring and deploying the application and related infrastructure.
  • HPE Helion Business Applications for Oracle provides pre-provisioned Oracle E-Business Suite templates—compute infrastructure, operating systems and databases, monitoring, operations, and back-up.
  • HPE Helion Business Applications for SAP enables you to make the best decisions for deploying production versions of SAP and SAP HANA applications. These cloud-based services are a full and integrated continuum of advisory, transformation, and management services that help ensure your journey to the cloud is addressed at every step.
  • HPE Helion SaaS Accelerator delivers a global platform and services to enable an independent software vendor (ISV) to sell and bill software through an online personalized storefront, providing worldwide reach to potential customers.
  • HPE Cloud Advisory Services deliver insight and education on possible uses for cloud technology, identifying opportunities to begin a cloud journey.
  • HPE Cloud Strategy Services define a high-level, multiyear roadmap to move from your current to future state for private, public, and managed cloud, and traditional environments.
  • HPE Applications Transformation to Cloud delivers design, development, migration, and testing services, enabling your existing and new applications and business processes to exploit the business benefits of cloud services.
  • HPE Cloud Design Service includes application design, development, migration, and testing services to migrate your legacy applications to a cloud environment.
  • HPE Cloud Implementation Services leverage our best practices, processes, and frameworks for implementing detailed cloud designs for your cloud implementation.
  • HPE Cloud Operations Services provide a wide range of services, from active management of your cloud environments to assistance with efficient cloud operations and mission-critical product support for your cloud environments.
  • HPE Cloud Education Services provide training for you and your employees, and third-party partners, to understand and apply HPE cloud technologies and products to address emerging challenges.

Get more from the cloud

Cloud services are a vital tool for achieving organizational business goals and mission success. As part of your delivery environment, an enterprise-grade cloud can help you drive agility, and improve resource use and speed to market—all while managing risk and ensuring consistent, high-quality service performance.

Get the HPE advantage

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has deployed hundreds of cloud solutions for organizations worldwide. And we have the broadest portfolio of enterprise-class hardware, software, and services in the industry. Our approach is collaborative— we listen to you and work as your partner. This flexibility extends to our open cloud solutions, which enable you to use a variety of technologies and avoid vendor lock-in. We successfully integrate cloud into your hybrid environment by applying our deep transformation expertise, high- quality and globally consistent processes, and proven integration capabilities.

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