• April 14, 2016

Move from IT chaos to ultimate control

HPE Helion Managed Cloud Broker:

An integrated view of your hybrid IT ecosystem lets you focus on your enterprise, instead of IT sprawl

Are you using your collection of IT resources efficiently?
Control your cloud assets to increase speed and security.

Get control of your cloud

What might have started as a single cloud project has expanded into an increasing number of service providers, third-party services, and data centers with on-premise servers, as well as growing demands for speed, control, and security—all operating independently, with little to no supervision. Your IT services may have started to incrementally move to the cloud, but enterprise-level security, oversight, and management may not fully have made the migration.

As cloud solutions expand, the need for cloud orchestration increases, from harnessing the resources of third-party vendors to stopping “shadow IT” purchases by employees empowered to post sensitive data on potentially unsecured consumer-grade cloud systems. You need to get control of these issues—your budget, staff, and cloud service providers—to ensure a successful journey to a hybrid cloud.

Become a builder and broker

In this hybrid world, you’ve moved beyond the role of a traditional builder of services, to a builder and broker. You need a solution that helps reduce costs and manage IT sprawl, and uses IT resources more efficiently—while meeting the stringent security and compliance needs of commercial and public sector enterprises.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers Helion Managed Cloud Broker as a managed service offering designed to solve the problem of managing a collection of physical and virtual servers and systems—some in-house, others run by third-party vendors, as well as cloud service providers. This platform enables governance over an assemblage of varied internal and external IT service providers, and establishes service efficiencies by providing a single view of your IT spending, service performance, operational configurations, and security posture. It also gives you aggregation and intermediation capabilities for creating new services, and executing workload migration and security strategies.

Get a cloud that’s visible

HPE Helion Managed Cloud Broker provides visibility into all hybrid IT services, across a continuum of traditional IT, private cloud, managed virtual private cloud, and public cloud services—in-house and third-party—through an integrated view. This lets you monitor and understand financial and service management impacts across all cloud service providers.

Enter from a single point

With the broker platform, you get end-to-end visibility into the service lifecycle of all IT activities through a single, user-friendly interface. Identify and mitigate redundancies, create new capabilities with existing IT resources, and match cloud service providers against specific workload requirements. And, get peace of mind in knowing that critical workloads are hosted only on platforms meeting the appropriate security, performance, and availability requirements.

Gain true IT governance

Ensure your financial and governance goals are in line. Cut costs by tracking spending in real time across public, private, and hybrid clouds, and traditional data center environments. Manage spending by using a single service catalog to manage roles and permissions, and grant approvals for purchasing activities. Track approvals and activities among finance, service management, service provisioning, and operational processes.

The platform easily integrates with many of the U.S. federal government cloud regulations such as FedRAMPSM, DISA ECSB, and HIPAA, and is ITAR-compatible. So you can manage specific requirements of complex procurement activities while remaining compliant with many federal acquisition requirements.

Use open and portable services

Eliminate rogue IT activities while making all of your service content portable across hybrid providers. Improve your service management and Service-Level Agreement (SLA) compliance. Easily add and remove service providers, and avoid vendor lock-in by choosing the right service for the appropriate workload, without being restricted to a particular service, platform, technology, or vendor. And take advantage of agile, responsive IT solutions and improved service management, with consistent and compliant SLA management capabilities across suppliers.

Gain a marketplace of choice

Select what you need, when you need it, from a diverse catalog of providers, allowing you to determine price, service level, features, and fulfillment timelines. Get options for servers, databases, middleware, software, security, hypervisors, and platforms.

Compare price, quality, and value across a wide spectrum of providers, and automate the provisioning based on those configuration choices. Enhance visibility through business analytics and scorecards.

Automate for excellence

With total oversight of cloud and legacy IT services, SLAs, and finances, you are ready to maximize your hybrid cloud environment. Free yourself from the complexities of implementing and managing complex software builds and refreshes, while avoiding cumbersome manual processes through automated services and timely updates.

Prepare for tomorrow

Integrating all of the technical components needed to operate as a cloud broker can be a daunting task, requiring specialized skills and a significant financial investment. For that reason, HPE Helion Managed Cloud Broker comes as a standard, pre-integrated, and managed solution that delivers immediate value today and continuous value tomorrow. Upgrades, maintenance, and new features are constantly added to the management platform, enabling your organization to use this as-a-Service.

Benefit from our holistic approach

It’s not enough to just get to the cloud. You need to continuously improve on your services and business outcomes. Given your

enterprise’s size, you need a partner like HPE, with our end-to-end IT and cloud experience.

  • The HPE Helion portfolio of software easily integrates, consumes, and manages workloads in a hybrid IT environment.
  • Broker advisory services are provided by HPE Helion Professional Services.
  • HPE is experienced in handling the critical security needs of public sector agencies, including FedRAMP, DISA ECSB, HIPAA compliancy, and ITAR.
  • IDC assessed HPE as a leader for U.S. government private cloud services in 2014.
  • HPE is recognized as a leader in application transformation, migration, and management.
  • We leverage 50+ years of experience managing complex global IT environments.

Learn more at hpe.com/services/cloudbroker