• January 13, 2017

Move to SAP On Demand Now to Accelerate Your Digital Journey

By consuming SAP as cloud-native applications with enterprise-grade performance, you can realize substantial and proven advantages.


Surviving in a disruptive marketplace, and succeeding in the more dynamic future, requires a mastery of digital business.  It requires your core business applications and Information Technology – the foundation of your business – to move with unprecedented speed and agility.

Your challenge is that most of your core business applications aren’t known for their speed and agility.  Put simply, if you fail to renovate your core enterprise applications, and to do so immediately, you will not survive in the digital economy.

C-level executives now understand this digital imperative.  They see the clear limits of a legacy technology core:  pre-digital latency that slows time-to-market; ERP downtime in an always-on demand economy; the same CapEx/OpEx arguments; and tech systems that constrain rather than drive positive strategic outcomes.

Those leaders increasingly demand digital capabilities from their most important business applications:  always-on performance, on-demand scaling, real-time analytics, and true consumption-based pricing – all in a secure, resilient as-a-service platform.  This can’t be done in a traditional IT environment.  When adding in the business applications, it can’t be done from a traditional cloud environment either. To accelerate the journey to a digital business future, organizations must transform to the on-demand SaaS for SAP model.

The HPE Enterprise Solution On Demand for SAP provides a full-stack managed cloud service for your SAP environment.  It allows business users to directly manage SAP resources on demand – using automatic provisioning, true Dev/Ops with automatic detect and correct, and full-stack visibility up to the business process key performance indicators (KPIs) – to stand up fully functional enterprise applications in hours, not days or weeks.  With an ESO for SAP solution IT will truly enable your fast, agile, digital business.

Take the next logical step in your journey towards the digital economy.   Think about the areas in your business where legacy SAP deployment and management hinders, rather than accelerates, innovation.  Then consider an objective diagnostic assessment of your current core IT operations, and a closer look at the on-demand SaaS for SAP model.

The digital economy will be an unforgiving place, and will demand scalability, flexibility, resiliency and new core IT capabilities.  SAP provided as SaaS is the logical model for this digital ERP future. You can get it now with HPE Enterprise Solutions On Demand for SAP.

Astute executives also recognize the value of partnering with a proven ally to make this digital journey.  For many, HPE can be that partner.  HPE helps organizations improve business operations while accelerating time-to-market and optimizing IT spend.

Learn more by reading this news advisory for more details about this first to market offering.  Or visit us at hpe.com

At Discover London 2016 we have shared with our clients how ESO for SAP will support your digital business. Please look into our:

  • Discover Theatre session outlining how to reduce the total cost of operations for your SAP® environment by using a cloud solution. Is the current provisioning time for your SAP® environment weeks or even months? Could your business benefit from the guarantee of an easily accessible, always-on and proactive system to protect your mission-critical operations? Join us to learn how a cloud-based solution for your SAP landscape can enhance agility and flexibility, allowing you to react to changes in customer needs and market demands, while also significantly increasing utilization of your entire SAP landscape.
  • Demo slide deck, providing an overview how the new Enterprise Solutions On Demand (ESO) for SAP offering supports digital business outcomes in an SAP environment such as: accelerate time-to-value, reduce TCO, continuous improvement as well as always-on and resilient business.
  • Demo videos, showing specific features business users can apply to manage their SAP resources, such as

Stay tuned for further blogs being published during the coming months, such as:

  • Point of view paper on accelerate your journey to digital business with on demand SAP
  • A series of blogs discussing the specific values you can gain from our on demand SAP solution
    • Accelerate time-to-value
    • Reduce TCO
    • Continuous improvement
    • Always-on and resilient business

We are interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject.  What reasons can you identify to move your SAP environment into the cloud?