• November 29, 2016

Navy Innovation: Improving the User Experience

HPE and the Department of the Navy collaborate to innovate.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has long been an advocate for creating a culture of innovation; and collaboration between individuals, teams, clients, and customers is one strategy for achieving this goal. To this end, HPE is working with the Department of the Navy to facilitate a new program called the Innovation Cell (IC) initiative. Created by the Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS)—which oversees IT programs that provide technology to sailors at sea and enable Navy business at home—the IC is a forum for the industry to present ideas and engage collaboratively in order to identify solutions that can improve the Navy’s information systems environment.

Challenge Accepted

Each year, the IC issues enterprise challenges to vendors and asks them to respond with ideas for innovative solutions that will accelerate speed to market and deliver new capabilities to users. Once the ideas are selected, a dedicated HPE team works with the Navy to implement the solution. By working side by side, the team can streamline communications, enhance transparency, and more rapidly acquire and introduce mature technologies that meet the Navy’s current and future needs.

Enhancing the User Experience

One such idea that took flight was dubbed the Enhanced Virtual Desktop (EVD) project. Its mission: to enhance the online user experience by providing greater reliability and performance.

For this project, HPE has begun the process of upgrading the underlying software and firmware to increase stability and reliability. The upgrade also increases functionality by allowing common access card-enabled Android tablets and iPads to connect to the virtualized desktops and applications. The second release of EVD will include improved tools, additional metrics, more user device options, and new application integration techniques.

Once the project is complete, EVD will dramatically enhance the user experience, thereby promoting productivity and innovation in ways that demonstrate how the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts.

Read more about HPE’s work with public sector organizations at gov.hpe-enterpriseforward.com.