• March 23, 2016

Need time to detect, analyze, and respond to security breaches?

Today’s adversaries are ceaselessly targeting business of all sizes, in all geographies and in all industries. Enterprises can’t afford to take a ‘wait and see’ posture when protecting their assets. Studies show it takes a median of 146 days to identify that a breach has taken place. Using advanced threat protection services, you can detect active threats and stop attacks before they happen. We find the right solutions to solve each client’s unique security problem; helping to detect active threats, stopping attacks before they happen, mitigating risk and proactively addressing lingering security vulnerabilities. HPE along with FireEye takes the fight to the adversary, to stop threats before they become breaches and mitigate intrusions with a swift incident response team that brings cutting edge tools and experience to solve the most pressing forensic investigations.

Customers will benefit from HPE Enterprise Services’ unparalleled global reach, portfolio of world-class security service offerings including a comprehensive suite of security remediation services underpinned by FireEye’s advanced threat detection, intelligence, methodologies and incident response expertise.

HPE and FireEye have just raised the bar for advanced threat protection services and incident response. We know your adversaries will respond, the question is, can you afford not to?

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