• April 25, 2016

Protecting Your Organization—and Your Career

Beyond elevating the CISO’s role, companies may need to fireeye-2-colorboost their investments in security technology and personnel. 38 percent of the 225 business and IT leaders surveyed spent less than 5 percent of their IT budgets on cybersecurity. And almost 40 percent didn’t know what their organizations spent on cybersecurity, a clear indicator that maybe it’s time to find out.

FireEye White Paper

Read: Cyberattacks don’t just devastate businesses; they sometimes destroy careers as well. Here are five tactics executives can employ to protect their organizations—and their own reputations. Containing the career impact of cybercrime

InfographicLearn: C-level lessons from the cybersecurity front infographic

Watch: MIT Technology Review Chief Publisher and Editor in Chief Jason Pontin, HPE Andrzej Kawalec and FireEye CEO David DeWalt discuss breach impact on a CEO’s reputation, career and future.