• May 27, 2016

Ransomware: Holding Data Hostage

Cybercriminals continue to refine and evolve their toolsets and methods of corruption in their quest to stay ahead of law enforcement and security experts. Corporations across all industries have suffered losses from advanced threats stealing intellectual property and customer data.

But one specialized form of malware has been on the rise. It doesn’t steal the information—it holds it hostage. This rising threat is called ransomware.

Ransomware is designed to restrict users from accessing data on their own systems, while perpetrators demand payment (a ransom) to remove the restriction. This is accomplished by either encrypting data or by blocking access to resources.

Take the time to read our informative paper to increase your awareness of how it works and how it can be removed. The paper will also offer recommendations on how to identify ransomware within your environment, prevent it from propagating further, and remove it from compromised systems.

Download the business white paper—Ransomware: Holding data hostage