• January 3, 2016

Reduce Traditional IT Spending – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Applications Transformation

Become an IT-enabled business—reduce traditional IT spending; rationalize your applications portfolio and infrastructure to exploit core business IP contained in legacy applications and data.

See if your applications are holding you back

  • Does it take too long to deliver new IT enabled products or services?
  • Do your current applications limit your ability to deliver new products or business services?
  • Does your traditional IT environment consume too much of your IT spend?
  • Has your IT spend increased as a result of merger and acquisitions activity, and you need to reduce it without impacting services?
  • Are you at ever-increasing risk, due to reliance on legacy applications, skills, or infrastructure technologies?
  • Are you stuck because you don’t know where to start or how to rationalize and modernize your applications and infrastructure?

Get help rationalizing and modernizing your applications and infrastructure to meet the specific needs of your business with our exceptional world-beating experience and operational excellence from HPE. We have the most complete, end-to-end applications transformation services portfolio in the market.

Transform applications the right way

It’s here. It’s proven. It’s complete. We start by assessing your applications to understand their individual costs, inter-dependencies, and the business value they support.

Following, we identify each one’s ideal modernization strategy, and build an optimal transformation roadmap designed to produce positive results early and help the larger program become self-funding.

Then, with strategic technology partners, we implement these modernization strategies on your behalf—reducing project risks and accelerating time to results, with experienced staff, factory services, and automated tools.

Imagine what you can do if your applications are helping, not hindering you—enhance your customer experience, leapfrog your competition, and exploit new business models to increase revenue and wallet share.

  • Improve IT services by modernizing and rationalizing applications to standardize support for business processes, and improve performance and availability.
  • Increase flexibility by re-architecting your applications to support new business models, business processes, and technologies to become IT enabled.
  • Decrease traditional IT costs by 20% or more by rationalizing, consolidating, simplifying, and modernizing your applications portfolio and infrastructure.
  • Reduce risk by eliminating dependencies on obsolete technologies and skills.

Get business and IT value

Applications transformation is a foundational investment to become IT enabled. Whether focused on improved customer experience, mobile- or cloud-delivered services, analytics, the Internet-of-Things, or other innovative business services, they all rely on a core environment of applications and data, providing services when and where needed. Modernizing your applications and infrastructure provide the technology foundation you need to exploit these trends— to your business and competitive advantage. Here are some benefits:

  • Become an IT-enabled business through service-enabled applications and data sources to support new cloud, mobile, or other new business services.
  • Be more flexible, leaner, and agile to bring in new business models, business processes, and IT technologies to further enable your business through an effective modernization program.
  • Reduce traditional IT spending—while freeing up resources for business projects— by consolidating and simplifying your applications portfolio, and supporting infrastructure.
  • Reduce business and operational risks by eliminating obsolete technologies and skills.

See what our clients did

  • This international consumer and household goods firm reduced system management costs by 60% while improving service levels and disaster recovery.
  • A large U.S. county reduced its applications portfolio by 25% and has identified savings of $7 million USD annually.
  • HPE reduced its total IT spending by more than 50% and has significantly expanded our investment into new business projects while doing so.
  • Get a complete solution

To execute your transformation program, work with HPE. We deliver industry and domain expertise, applications knowledge, and strategic planning capabilities, supported by patent-pending modernization tools, software, and alliance partner technology.

Through our applications portfolio assessments, we automate the discovery
of IT assets and integrate this information into configuration management, application portfolio management, and operational support systems. We assess the suitability of an application to address your business and IT strategies, and identify the best modernization strategy for each application based on your business drivers.

  • Applications Transformation Workshop gets you started on your modernization journey—We conduct unique, one-day highly interactive sessions to provide you with end-to-end modernization experience and a high-level roadmap.
  • Application Portfolio Assessments plan and justify your modernization program—We execute assessments focused on business, financial, security, functional, and technical aspects of applications and associated data assets to develop a modernization plan based on your business objectives.
  • Applications and Infrastructure Modernization provides ready-to-use platforms and processes for the program—HPE implements a set of defined modernization strategies delivered by global resources; this enables you to achieve business objectives by reducing business and technology risk and total cost of ownership, while modernizing your business to an agile environment.
  • Applications Transformation to Cloud exploits cloud delivery for your business processes—Our consultants assess your applications and deploy them onto the right cloud model using automated tools to enable new business models and improve business outcomes—cost-effectively.

Gain from a world of expertise and experience

We have been a leading innovator in the IT industry since our foundation, and doing applications and infrastructure modernization for over 40 years. We even modernized ourselves—reducing IT spend from 4% to 2% of revenue. Our strength in integration services reaches back decades. And we developed the converged infrastructure concept to help you evolve your data center from high-cost silos to low-cost, pooled assets, and also created IT-shared services, the foundation of a service centric, cloud-based operating model.

  • HPE performs an average of 2600 migrations per year for our clients.
  • We provide modernization factories and centers of expertise on a global scale.

Learn more at hpe.com/Services/Applications.