• April 1, 2016

Was That Retail or Retell Therapy?

In the idea economy, no industry is immune to disruption. Start-ups or large enterprises only survive with vision and technological agility. They must respond to market opportunities and threats while quickly turning ideas into reality.

Today’s tools of cloud computing, mobile technology, and Big Data analytics are so easily accessible and affordable. They have given rise to a new class of entrepreneurs. These challengers of the status quo are revolutionizing entire industries at a pace and scale never seen.

Today, entrepreneurs with good ideas have access to much of the infrastructure and resources that a traditional Fortune 1000 company has. And they can pay with a credit card. They rent compute on demand, get a SaaS ERP system, use PayPal or Square for transactions, market using Facebook or Google, and have FedEx run their supply chain. The days of needing millions of dollars to launch a company or an idea are gone.

Ideas have always fueled business success.

Today, it’s how fast you can turn an idea into reality. Ask yourself, how quickly can I capitalize on a new idea, seize a new business opportunity, or respond to a competitor that threatens my business? Or, can I achieve competitive advantage through seamlessly integrating the virtual and physical retail worlds?

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