• May 29, 2015

Success: Case Studies

Innovative new ways to engage customers, empower employees, accelerate business results—see what can happen when we combine the power of our expertise with yours to transform the enterprise.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Digital Context Aware Solutions

Leveraging the latest in mobile, wearable, and sensor technology, HPE Digital Context Aware Solutions intuitively manage interconnectivity across devices and deliver the right information to the right device at the right time based on contextual data and situational awareness. Information retrieval is real-time and seamless, without explicit action by users.

Why It Matters:

If you’re an EMT with a critical patient in the field, a plant mechanic trying to fix a problem, or an office worker struggling to complete a report, imagine having instant access to the information you need to make the right decision, record your process, finish your task. In an increasingly digital world, HPE Digital Context Aware Solutions can enable higher productivity, faster transactions, and a smarter, faster, better experience for employees and customers anywhere they go.

Smith & Nephew

“With HPE’s help, we now have stronger controls and are able to drive standardization and efficiencies, and reduce the cost to serve. We’ve built a more flexible and scalable infrastructure that can be adapted as the business continues to grow and evolve.” —Dony Pockney, Smith & Nephew

Dedicated to improving lives through medical innovations, global medical-technology business Smith & Nephew is a world-class, industry-leading company. Smith & Nephew is applying this same desire for world-class performance by embarking on a finance transformation program. As their BPO services provider, Hewlett Packard Enterprise delivers finance and administration services, such as procure-to-pay, inter-company accounting, order-to-cash, and record-to-report services, empowering Smith & Nephew to overcome internal challenges and achieve world-class financial performance.

Why It Matters:

When healthcare professionals rely on you for life-changing medical technology, seamless business transition is essential. Smith & Nephew’s transformation, supported by HPE Business Process Services (BPO), ensured continuity of high performance standards, innovation, and service delivery.


“We wanted to take our mainframe out of service—but in a way that would not put our business at risk. HPE helped us succeed on both counts.” —George Joukov, P&G Global Business Services

After adopting SAP®, P&G wanted to decommission the mainframe that had served as its primary enterprise computing platform for 50 years, named Mr. 705. Before he could be retired, P&G needed to be certain that all business-critical functionality and valuable historical data would be transferred securely to its new system. So it partnered with HPE to design and implement a disciplined methodology, leveraging Application Transformation Services, to take the mainframe out of service—without putting the business at risk.

Why It Matters:

This multiyear, highly successful program enabled the beginning of a new era for P&G, resulting in the rationalization of many applications, the establishment of a new data archiving capability, and the cleanup of its mainframe environment.


Sometimes it’s the processes you face every day that are ripe for innovation. Believing that the IT industry’s contracting approach lagged behind its technology, HPE developed the Modular Master Services Agreement, now available on FastTrack Online. The self-service system offers a series of linked, flexible, and integrated contract documents that fit together like building blocks. Clients can easily add or subtract terms and conditions to match their needs for flexibility and responsiveness.

Why It Matters:

The New Style of Business requires a new approach to contracting. The Modular Master Services Agreement was designed to create a fair contract for both parties some two times faster than the traditional method and with reduced risk. FastTrack is saving clients on average 55 percent of their previous contracting time.

Department of the Navy

Transitioning the U.S. Department of the Navy’s NMCI network to a government-owned/contractor-operated model was not only an enormous task, but also a moment in history. The accelerated 10-month transition of one of the largest intranets on the planet moved some 716 sites and 300,000 sailors and Navy civilian users to the new contract.

Why It Matters:

Moving to the Next Generation Enterprise Network means the Navy will realize the benefits of lower costs, enhanced command and control, ownership, and improved processes and flexibility. The Department of the Navy has stated it will save $20 million a month. That adds up to $1 billion over five years—a real tribute to the more-than-15-year partnership between HPE and the Department of the Navy.

Nuance Communications

From speech recognition to digital imaging, Nuance Communications has achieved success by delivering accurate and intuitive enterprise software. To support an ongoing growth strategy based on mergers and acquisitions, the organization required a consolidated publishing solution to streamline its delivery model and provide continual cost savings. HPE stepped in with BPO services and ensured the company could maintain clarity in business operations as well as in the products it delivers.

Why It Matters:

Processing and fulfilling nearly 500,000 software orders annually, Nuance’s HPE-powered distribution model continues to deliver. Since implementation, it has significantly reduced time-to-market for new products and has achieved significant cost savings.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Smart Traveler

From automated ticketing on mobile devices to just-in-time directions to departure gates, customized offers, and marketing from airport retailers, HPE-developed mobile solution Smart Traveler combines Big Data analytics with the power of location-aware technologies to transform the travel experience—for airline passengers and providers alike.

Why It Matters:

Passengers enjoy a personalized, enriched, and more relaxed experience, thanks to Smart Traveler. Providers get the real-time data and valuable customer insight to improve business operations outcomes such as on-time departures and turnaround times, and to increase airport revenue. Smart Traveler delivers a strong statement for IT-enabled transformation, one with potential adaptation beyond the travel industry.

PKO Bank Polski

Never afraid to be innovators, especially in retail banking, PKO Bank Polski, Poland’s largest bank, teamed up with HPE to develop the country’s first mobile payment platform, powered by HPE Application Development and Management Services. The platform, IKO, provides customers a variety of banking services—becoming the mobile payment standard in Poland.

Why It Matters:

Looking to lead, not follow, in the mobile payments market, PKO was determined to break free from an outdated mobile payment standard. With support and innovation from HPE, PKO has the technology to achieve its goals and define the next generation of banking in Poland.


“We’re receiving the support from HPE that we really value. This is a partner that is focused on constantly improving performance, a partner that proactively brings technology ideas to our attention. HPE plays a constructive role in our global growth and is helping Telstra meet its objective of ensuring a great employee experience when using HR systems.” —Darren Fewster, Telstra Shared Services

To achieve its vision for a world-class workforce, Australian telecommunications and media giant Telstra needed to transform its outdated HR system. To realize this goal, Telstra and HPE developed a new system, based on HPE Human Resources and Payroll services, optimizing how the company acquires, develops, and manages talent.

Why It Matters:

Proving that more isn’t always better, Telstra’s original system comprised several SAP environments, without delivering a holistic enterprise view. With HPE’s help, Telstra consolidated these into a single system—cutting costs, streamlining access to critical business data, and improving the employee experience.