• May 29, 2015

The Innovators 2015: Forward Thinkers

Everything an enterprise does is designed to drive value for the customer—better experiences, products, and services so that someone, somewhere, in some manner can do more in a better way with a better result. For the enterprise, the customer is the muse, the critic, and the success. How do they inspire us to innovate? Some of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s most brilliant minds explain.

Daniel Biondi | HPE Enterprise ForwardDaniel Biondi

Fellow and Chief Technologist, Financial Services Industry, Australia & New Zealand, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Dream to Do

I find myself always thinking, “How can I solve that problem?” For me, it’s all about having an inquisitive mind. And doing something with it. I like the way Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Innovation requires inspiration and action. Reverse the norm. Turn convention on its head. Find the angle no one thought of. Keep running down a new path.

Putting those pieces together with our clients to make something entirely new or to evolve something existing—that’s where I want to be … at the front line of leading a profound transformation.

Jim "Coop" Cooper | HPE Enterprise ForwardJim “Coop” Cooper

Chief Technologist, Mobility & Workplace Global Practice, Enterprise Services, and Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Conversation Connection

Done right, technology is most definitely a people business. I love listening to customers share their visions of their organizations in the future. The fun begins when we solve problems that inhibit achievement of that vision and discover new possibilities that resolve challenges the customer wasn’t aware of. We have a strong army of technologists with a real passion for solving such problems.

Sometimes it’s not about the technology at all, but rather how to apply what we have learned to new situations—like the client struggling with the retirement of its baby boomer experts on maintenance of aging buildings and utility infrastructure.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in creating new widgets. But the real art is in the conversation.

Scott Cassin | HPE Enterprise ForwardScott Cassin

Chief Technologist, Asia Pacific Japan, Enterprise Services, and Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Passion Unleashes Purpose

I love what’s happening in our Asia-Pacific-Japan region, where necessity is really the mother of invention. People here are driven to think outside the box—not to catch up, but to leapfrog. One example: In a very innovative way, we’re accessing the untapped workforce of special-needs people to test how we might use these highly motivated workers to deliver services.

People in our region aren’t constrained by rules. They don’t even know the rules! They just go for it. We see it happening especially in emerging markets, where there’s lots of opportunity fueled by passion. It motivates us to help our clients innovate to get there.

Andrzej Kawalec | HPE Enterprise ForwardAndrzej Kawalec

Chief Technologist, Enterprise Security Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Gatekeepers for Good

Today, we stand smack in the middle of a clash between two big forces of change—one good, one evil. Technology has inspired a beautiful ecosystem of digital interaction where we are only constrained by our imagination. But on the other side, some of the world’s brightest and most creative criminal minds are working to subvert that digital ecosystem. They use sophisticated cyber weapons traded across an underground economy to sow digital chaos.

My team works tirelessly to out-innovate the bad guys. I get an amazing sense of achievement and satisfaction when we are able to disrupt the adversary, help protect the most vulnerable members of our online society, and enable our clients to fight back.

Cheryl Soderstrom | HPE Enterprise ForwardCheryl Soderstrom

Chief Technologist, Cybersecurity, Americas, Enterprise Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Lead With Laughter

Incongruous thoughts smashed together often make us laugh, opening us to surprise and delight. And that’s the beginning of innovation. Isaac Asimov once said, “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not, ‘Eureka!’, but, ‘That’s funny!’”

When working with clients, levity builds interpersonal connectedness and can unite us in extraordinary thinking. In a recent client conversation, we fell into laughter about some absurdities we deal with as security professionals. That laughter exploded the boundaries of what it is like to what it could be like.

Laughter is transformative. It upsets the current order of things—which is really the promise of innovation, isn’t it?

Scott Gaydos | HPE Enterprise ForwardScott Gaydos

Chief Technologist, U.S. Public Sector, Enterprise Services, and Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Partners in Potential

Innovation starts with “listen, listen, listen.” A given technology isn’t the hammer for every client nail. Rather, first truly understanding the business or mission that a client is trying to perform and then contemplating the technologies, services, and solutions that could help is the key to client-useful innovation.

Our public sector customers provide everything from national security to health and welfare programs and infrastructure for the United States. The opportunities for innovation are almost endless. Whether the answer is a novel integration of existing technologies, creation of a brand-new technology, or not technology at all, my job is to be a true innovation partner rather than just a technology “vendor.”