• December 10, 2015

Transform the Customer Experience: HPE CX Transformation Services

Simplify customer care and harness new opportunities to attract, acquire, and retain customers.


  • Define roadmaps, metrics, and outcome-based models to track traditional customer satisfaction and Net Promoter scores, and increase customer acquisition.
  • Improve sales; reach out at the right time, with the right message, through the channel your customer prefers.
  • Integrate omnichannel with our proven methodology to support nonvoice growth, and transition, train, and mentor to integrate new channels seamlessly into your services.
  • Simplify operations through operational assessments, optimizing your technology footprint and integrating the right mix of people, processes, and technology into your CX blueprint.

Today’s digital consumers expect a consistent and memorable customer experience (CX) across all your brand’s touch points and channels—social, mobile, text, chat, email, fax, scanned documents, print, and voice.

Now’s the time to evaluate your contact center operations. HPE CX Transformation Services and our team of transformation experts can help. After we assess your current state, we collaborate with you on the roadmap and design to bring people, processes, and technology together to transform your customers’ experience. To ensure the success of new initiatives, consider executing a rapid-cycle prototype.

Drive revenue, capture new channels

Enterprise chief marketing officers are concerned with increasing sales, capturing new wallet share, and even more. They are also challenged with integrating omnichannel, digital, and mobile touch points into traditional contact center channels.

Operations and business executives struggle with the complexity and support costs of existing customer contact platforms, while enhancing the customer experience.

Speed to market is critical with customers using digital platforms. Organizations need experts, a proven methodology, and expeditious ways to test new initiatives with rapid prototypes and pilots.

All of this means that operationally efficient and cost-effective contact centers are needed; it also means transitioning customer support from service centers to sales channels. Let Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) help. We are uniquely positioned to help you win and retain the most valuable asset of your business—your customers.

Review the details

Get proven methodologies to simplify customer touch points and operations, and transform them from cost centers to sales and service channels with HPE CX Transformation Services. We work with you to optimize your current operations while building a roadmap to incorporate digital channels. The service is the consulting services arm of our Customer Experience Delivery, which includes a bench of industry-certified experts—from our Customer Operations Performance Center (COPC) and Net Promoter consultants.

Gain business value

HPE CX Transformation Services provides consulting services, roadmap development, and rapid cycle prototypes to attract, acquire, and retain customers. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Simplify operations through operational assessments and consolidating maintenance support, licensing, and contact center infrastructure to integrate digital channels quickly.
  • Retain customers through proven improvements in customer experience performance metrics—traditional customer satisfaction and Net Promoter.
  • Deliver outcome-based models including designing and implementing risk/reward performance and outcome-based service models.
  • Streamline communications by defining your enterprise approach to communication composition, execution, and archival; this enables a single source of truth for your brand to customer communications.
  • Focus on return on investment (ROI) of high-value customers with our Rapid Deployment Methodology, which proves out via advanced analytics customer pilots, in 90 days, then quickly moves pilots to production.
  • Integrate omnichannel with our proven methodology to support nonvoice growth, letting customers seek out their preferred channel.

Focus on outcomes

HPE CX Transformation Services supports over 300 clients globally, with proven business results:

  • Increased market share—At Accor, a leading global hospitality chain, Hewlett Packard Enterprise successfully manages 27 different social media accounts and increased sales conversion rates to 45 percent—up from 35 percent, driving more revenue to the business and encouraging more properties to use the central platform. All this was done while reducing costs, and diverting 3 percent more bookings through the central platform.
  • Decreased costs and streamlined operations—At Toshiba America, a leading manufacturer, HPE CX Transformation Services strategic consultants proved the case for consolidation and multisite operations process improvement and operational savings, yielding a 10 percent overall reduction in customer operations costs.

Review the differentiators

  • Bench of industry leaders and advisors—The HPE CX Practice is staffed with industry-recognized and certified COPC, Benchmark Portal, and ICMI practitioners, who have proven experience and practical application of service to sales and operational contact center transformation.
  • Proven track record and results—We use best practices and outcomes learned from over 60 site assessments, conferences, workshops, certifications, white papers, and educational opportunities in the last year.
  • Proven, quick ROI—We quickly demonstrate our ability to deliver business outcomes in rapid-cycle prototypes with client data.
  • Customer experience enhanced—HPE is uniquely qualified to deliver omnichannel transformation—optimizing the mix of keyboard/voice inputs and human/machine outputs, giving consumers the access they want.
  • HIPAA and PCI compliant—Our CX solutions are compliant with HIPAA and Payment Card Industry (PCI) solutions.
  • HPE global scale—Hewlett Packard Enterprise understands CX at a global level, and handles more than 400 million customer interactions a year across multiple channels and supports more than 300 clients, all with our 23,000 customer service professionals at 100 global contact centers in 34 countries.