• August 19, 2016

Trending: #GenAppZ

$44B strong.  Here is what you need to know.

Remember 1995?  Thereafter, IT began creating a new human way of being known as Gen App or Gen Z. #GenAppZ is roughly 26% of the US population. These humanoids are now 82 million strong worldwide.

Be clear. They are not Millennials. In 2035, Gen AppZ will be in their 40s. And their legacy?

Be encouraged. Gen AppZ understands access. Digital accessibility comes with responsibility—about money, about choices, about re/defining enterprise. Is it time to workshop with Gen AppZ to adapt your enterprise?


Part I – Trending: Gen AppZ: $44B. Here is what you want to know.

Part IITrending: Gen AppZ + BYOX = _____. Can you fill this market space?