• February 24, 2017

Watermelons and Workplace Support

By Jim Brenner, Offering Manager for Workplace Support Services, Enterprise Services

Is your workplace support experience like a watermelon?

Providing the best support for your workforce is a primary concern for your business.  The HR department explains that the employees care about the tools and processes you provide them to do their jobs. After all, employees are critical to your business, and their productivity is key.

And while you have plenty of metrics to measure the service and support your organization provides, such as SLAs, charts, graphs, and surveys, how do you know what employees think?

This is where the watermelon theory fits in.

Green and Red

My colleague, JP Quesada,  Offering Manager for Workplace Support Services, explains the “watermelon” is that point where all your metrics are green, humming along smoothly, with all outward measurable stats showing green. However, with a deeper dig, you find other things are red. Users aren’t as happy as you thought.  (This infographic illustrates how some of our research identified areas where many typical organizations have misconceptions about the services they provide.  Like the watermelon.)

Sooner or later, we all have to face the reality of the “watermelon,” where things are green on the outside but  red on the inside.

While you may think you’re providing employees with what they need to be happy, they aren’t. So, with orders from senior management to make your workplace experience:

  1. Productive
  2. Competitive
  3. Great again
  4. The workplace of choice
  5. All the above

…but your budget being what it is, what do you do?

Deliver Personal Service

For starters, remember the type of support experience that makes your employees happy  is the same thing that makes YOU happy.  Personal service. An easy, convenient support experience that resolves whatever issue you have, quickly answers your questions, and gets you what you need instantly…  right when and where you need it!

It’s time to consider new alternatives.  The service experience happens at the first point of contact.  Make it count. If your company has large office buildings, investigate new walk-in centers that enable your employees to receive help immediately, at their convenience, from a real face-to-face communication.  If you have smaller, satellite offices, rely on new technology to add a dedicated video support spot that brings the same, instant face-to-face communication from a remote agent.  Kiosks, portals, and self-service support options are a great start, but it’s time to focus on cost effective human touches for a real game-changing support experience.

Learn about new, affordable ways you can bring true person-to-person and face-to-face service to your users, no matter the size or location of your offices. Download the Perception Gap Whitepaper and better understand how you can slice into that watermelon.  Check out this video, and see some innovative ways to bring the personalized service and support your employees want – no matter where they are or what  device they use.

Contact us and let Enterprise Services help you with more productive, cost effective support choices for your users.